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  • Anodico’s Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) identifies Prosesses/Operation, describes Quality Activity, Frequency, Acceptance Criteria, Verification Documents, and Inspection Points including hold and monitoring points end-to-end from Pre-Production to Delivery

  • A rigorous process defining manufacture, testing and inspection procedures based on, and incorporating, International manufacturing  standards such as DNV – RP-B401 Cathodic protection Design and Manufacture, ISO 15589-2 Cathodic Protection of Pipeline Transportation Systems,  NACE SP0387 Metallurgical and Inspection Requirements for Cast Galvanic Anodes for Offshore Applications, NACE SP0492 Metallurgical and Inspection Requirements for Offshore Pipeline Bracelet Anodes and NACE  TM0190 Impress Current Laboratory Testing of Aluminum and Zinc Alloy Anodes, and Customer specifications.
  • Laboratory Chemical Analysis and Electrochemical Testing
  • Anodico’s Quality Manual defines:
  • Quality Manual (Anodico – AND.QMS.001)

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  • SPECTRO MAXx  Optical Emission Spectrometer calibrated to analyze Aluminum, Zinc and Magnesium alloys, among others.
  • Impressed Current Laboratory equipped to perform electrochemical tests according to NACE-TM0190, DNV-RP-B401 (Annex B) and ISO 15589-2 (Annex E).
  • Inspection and Test Plan (Anodico – AND.ITP.001)
  • Mission, vision, corporate structure and core Values
  • Quality management system, quality policy, and quality practices
  • Responsibilities, authorities, resource allocation
  • Customer satisfaction

ANODICO Testing Laboratory Accredited ISO/IEC 17025:2017

  • Manufacturing Procedures and Specifications (Anodico’s – AND.MPS.001)​​

Anodico places strategic focus on quality control and quality assurance throughout the manufacturing process and it's delivery, which is verified, certified and measured by: