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Anodico places strategic focus on quality assurance throughout the manufacturing process, which utilizes a state of the art laboratory and production facility equipped with the latest, most efficient induction melting technology.

All of our products are made with pride in the USA by our dedicated team of experienced professionals .

We manufacture the highest quality Aluminum and Zinc anodes with strict adherence to all international, manufacturing, standards & specifications and client specifications. 

anodico corporation

" corrosion prevention and critical subsea asset protection"

Anodico Corporation is an American manufacturer of high quality Aluminum and Zinc sacrificial anodes for subsea asset protection.

We incorporate the latest induction melting technology, with the best industry-leading, end-to-end corrosion prevention solutions.

Anodico's leadership team has over 30 years of collective experience in all facets of industrial manufacturing and business strategy. We operate with an ambition for innovation, open dialog, exacting quality and unsurpassed customer satisfaction.